Video: Housing O-Rings

Today we’re talking about underwater photography housing O-Rings and seals: some general information and how to maintain and clean them.

0:08: Intro and my TG4/PT-056 dorkitude and related flooding episode
2:14: Cleaning and maintenance kit
5:12: Working on the TG4/PT-056 housing and general maintenance
16:55: TG5/Nauticam NA-TG5 housing
18:47: Lumix G9/Nauticam NA-G9 housing
24:40: Sea and Sea YS-D2 strobe

“Housing O-Rings”
Starring Michael Smith
With G9, TG5, TG4, YS-D2, and a cast of thousands
Music: “Layback” by Birocratic (
Filmed with:
Logitech C922
Nauticam NA-G9
Nauticam NA-TG5
Olympus PT-056
Sea and Sea YS-D2
The Magical Nauticam O-Ring Tool
Various other pieces of hardware
No Nudies were harmed in the filming of this production….